April 2018


Can Women CEOs Make Tech Businesses More Profitable?

By on April 20, 2018

Women taking key seats in the uppermost echelons of businesses has become commonplace. Now more than ever, ascensions of females in otherwise male-dominated industries are notable. Evidencing this trend,…

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Hotel Outcall Massage Salons in Bucharest

By on April 16, 2018

There is no doubt that receiving a massage is good for your mind body and soul. If it’s such an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, why don’t…


Cyberspace: The place Did the Term Appear From and What Does It Mean?

By on April 11, 2018

Seldom does a working day go by that we don’t arrive across the preface “Cyber.” We hear it in discussion, on Television and radio. We see it in print….